Long ago, the land was free, and all was decentralized. But the power-mongering forces of darkness, The Centralizers, lulled the population under their control.

The people suffered under their evil regime for eons. Then, the enigmatic figure known only as Genesis discovered a powerful new technology – Blockchain – and unleashed it upon the world with the hope that freedom would once again settle upon the land.

The populace began to see the promise of seizing back their liberty and privacy. But just as the future became bright, Genesis mysteriously vanished!

Now devoid of a leader to wield the powers of Blockchain against the evil Centralizers, brave citizens have taken it upon themselves to rise to the challenge and harness Blockchain to free the world. This ragtag association of warriors, renegades and specialists is known only as the Blockchain Heroes.

Blockchain Heroes is a collectible digital trading card set featuring original characters inspired by the top creators, defenders, builders, and boosters in the blockchain space! This set of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) will be available exclusively on the WAX blockchain.


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