Card: Atomic Adam
Partner: Garbage Pail Kids / Topps
Story: Everyone knew Adam Bomb was one of the worst troublemakers in the pack, but nobody could have known what would happen when he blew his top around a quantum computer.

The result produced particle behavior that baffled scientists – but more importantly, launched the nuclear ne’er-do-well clear across reality. Once the Blockchain Heroes investigated reports of “localized nukes” going off, they figured the best way to contain the damage would be to recruit the atomic preadolescent – mostly to make sure that his blow-ups wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Distribution: Common card airdropped to everyone with a Garbage Pail Kids card, pack or Blockchain Heroes promotional card in a WAX wallet as of snapshot on August 5, 2020. Random variation dropped to same wallet address.
# Minted: Common – 3972, Uncommon – 2547, Rare – 1104, Epic – 492, Legendary – 123, Mythic -21, Golden Fury – 4


Card: Supermiles
Partner: Upland
Story: Miles was an uber-successful real estate mogul already. In fact, he owned most of the planet. No one could blame him for seeking out interdimensional real estate markets. Strangely, when his colossal R&D investments produced a portal for him to use, he found that the sun over the Blockchain Heroes world gave him superllama strength and even flight! Joining the Heroes was a no-brainer – though he won’t stop trying to convince Overseer to invest in the HQ’s property value.
Distribution:Awarded to the top 25 winners in the Upland Community Heroes Challenge
# Minted: 25




Card: GYB Piggy
Partner: Grow Your Base
Story: Pigs can’t fly – but that didn’t stop this humble digital porker. When he pinged an unusual IP, he found it wasn’t that the IP didn’t exist, but rather that the IP was an address for a machine in another universe! Now, the piggy’s been adopted by the Blockchain Heroes as a digital pet. Just try not to discuss bacon while he’s around – he gets a bit sensitive.
Distribution:Promotional card presented by, dropped to members who completed various social sharing tasks in a limited time frame.
# Minted: 239

Card: CoinGenius
Partner: CoinGenius
Total Minted: 1059
Common # Minted: 523 (49%)
Shockwave Refractor # Minted: 390 (37%)
Legendary # Minted: 146 (14%)

Card: InKredible
Partner: Kred
Total Minted: 717
Common # Minted: 373 (52.5%)
Shockwave Refractor # Minted: 232 (32.5%)
Legendary # Minted: 112 (15%)

Card: Telegrafico
Partner: CoinTelegraph
# Minted: 309